A good day when …


K is still on school vacation … still. My clients aren’t. Hosting a play date and conference calls … at the same time. Next door, six beefy men are tearing off the roof. They’ve thoughtfully placed plywood against my windows. Now there’s no light but at least I cringe less when pieces of old composite tiles my house. The plumber wonders if he can come by today to tinker with the pipes (uh no!). The kids want yet another snack, acrylic paint is all over the table, the 57th client request just arrived with an annoying email ping and K has scrapped her knee. I have to remind myself to breathe. But still. It’s a good day because I haven’t hit or bit anyone!


2 Responses to “A good day when …”

  1. Sage Says:


  2. Christina Katz Says:

    Ha-ha! Oooo, how I know those days. I have a “Grumpy” T-shirt, I wear. And it helps!

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