morning fix

I was a late bloomer when it comes to coffee. Well, when it comes to most things actually! Somehow I survived college and late night cram sessions without it. I joined the workforce without a morning jump start. Always loved the smell but never the taste. Then, in my late 20s, my taste buds reorganized themselves. Coffee and I became the best of friends. I went cold turkey when I was pregnant and it took a solid month for the fog to lift. Which of course gave me pause. Made me consider never going back. It only took a few days of sleep deprivation caring for a newborn to snap me out of that insane idea!

coffeeNow, well, now the day just doesn’t start without coffee. And really strong coffee. But with cream. Gotta have that.

Since January 1, I’ve added to my morning fix with a visit to 3191. It’s a photoblog created by two friends who live on opposite coasts. Cup of steaming coffee in my hand, inspired by the stunning visual beauty of 3191, I start the day.


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