Boss of me

Today is my one-week blogiversary. A small amount of time to be sure but huge when you consider how long it actually took me to get here. Even when I realized I was walking around composing posts in my head, inspired by other bloggers, I was certain I wasn’t ready to go public with my random musings. I’d still be in the nest if Sage Cohen hadn’t kicked me out.

Sage is the boss of me. And that makes me one lucky gal. Sage is an amazing friend, business partner, cheerleader and confidante. Oh and an award-wining poet, prolific writer and the voice companies like Intuit, Microsoft and Kaiser Permanente turn to when they need snappy corporate communications.

Of course that only starts to describe this incredible woman, this source of constant inspiration. Her laugh fills the room, her generosity has no limit. Her dedication and loyalty are unfailing … always finding time to help a friend even though time is a scarce resource. Sage, after all, single-handedly juggles home and work demands, creative projects and caring for five (really, five!) pets, plus a compost bin of worms.

Just last week, as I was again hemming and hawing about why I just didn’t know when I could really start a blog, Sage gave me a deadline. Oh she knows how to keep me motivated! Plus she told me about Word Press and how her friend Drew had his up and running just two days after she told him how easy it would be. And it was. And I did. Even beat the deadline!

It was nerve-racking of course. I was giddy about getting all set up, fearful the next day. I worried that I’d jumped too soon, that I wasn’t really ready. And Sage wrote to me, “we’re never ready when we jump.” The truth of her words comforted me. And now I am so glad I jumped.

Cheers to you my friend! I’m so glad you’re the boss of me!


edited per request of Christina!



One Response to “Boss of me”

  1. thewritermama Says:

    Yay, Sage Cohen fan club! Actually, I’m a member of the Sage Cohen and Pamela Kim fan clubs and anyone can join. It’s free!

    Go team Pam & Sage. I only wish you’d posted the cartoons you’ve had done. Love those.

    🙂 Christina

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