Mail call

It’s Tuesday. 3:15. An hour and a quarter from the new Tiny Showcase release. I can’t possibly be expected to work on client projects with that kind of distraction. So let me tell you about today’s mail just delivered by my friendly postal worker. I love getting the mail. It’s so hopeful. Every day a moment of huge possibility. Don’t really like Sundays and holidays because there is no mail. Ha!

The mailman stops by my cottage and brings the mail to the porch. I hear the box click shut, and see him drive to the next house (my office windows look out to the street … very handy for spying). But I can’t go get the mail yet. I don’t want to seem too eager. So I wait until he moves on to the next house where he can’t see me pop out and grab the goodies he’s left. The days with all bills and grocery flyers leave me deflated. The days with packages make me giddy all afternoon. Today was a middle day … a couple of magazines along with the assorted pleas in catalog form to buy things I neither want or need. But my favorite by far is the postcard from the 1-800-got-junk guys. It’s addressed to “Pamela, Pamela” instead of Pamela Kim. This despite the fact that I’m a regular customer. Made me laugh so hard I had to tell Sage I’d call her back after I calmed down!

Now it’s 1 hour and 10 minutes until the new Tiny Showcase release happens. A good use of 5 minutes don’t ya think?

* Edited * Now it’s 20 minutes past the release date and not quite as exciting as I’d hoped. Love the fact that the piece is letterpress. The cartoon? Not so much. Not my thing. But that’s OK. Next Tuesday will come soon enough, just like tomorrow’s mail.


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