Color me happy

As much as I adore holiday decorating, I find the clean slate of early January equally appealing. I look forward to the post-holiday work of packing away, tossing out and rearranging. But by the end of January, when everything is feeling a little dull and bleak, I find myself impatient for Spring. I’m craving the farmers market and floaty skirts, windows open wide and fresh flowers everywhere.

So while I wait for Earth to turn closer to the Sun, I add color inside. A trip to Target and $5 resulted in a fat stack of colorful washcloths that look oh so cheerful:

Towel stack

And this little guy who perches on the bed. img_1598.jpg

And ribbons on the shelf. spool-ribbon.jpg

And I think it’s time for the sea shells to come back out. Off I go to unearth them from their winter hiding place.


One Response to “Color me happy”

  1. thewritermama Says:

    I totally relate. I cleaned out the walk in closet after the holidays.

    And, (okay, I admit it), I only got half-way through the office purge before the work-flood kicked back in.

    Then I caught myself thinking, just like you, if we only have a few more sunny (dare I say spring-like?) days, I just might be motivated to finish up around here before it’s time to get back outside.

    I find myself craving color, color, color. Enough of the blah, gray days.

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