Mochas, mini grilled cheese and magic muffins

K and I got to spend last weekend with the B family; good friends who live about 70 miles of our bucolic town. It was a birthday party mixed with good food and visiting wrapped up in Bed & Breakfast comfort. The Bs and I have been friends for years, meeting in a life before children and grown-up furniture. Now, as then, they are an endless source of inspiration and joy. I always feel so good when I’m there.

First, we’re completely spoiled. Fresh-cut flowers in the guest room and mochas for breakfast.


There are always decorating ideas to borrow and new recipes to try. Have you ever made a mini grilled cheese? Slice a baguette, butter each piece. Layer thin slices of cheese in between two slices. Put on griddle or pan and cook on stovetop until brown and toasty. So yummy!

And did you know that every box of Malt-o-Meal comes with the recipe for Magic Muffins? But the real magic is a Donna trick … put chocolate chips on the top!

Spending time with Donna, watching her effortlessly mother her three girls while juggling 50 other things rubs off on me; I return home calmer and more patient.


One Response to “Mochas, mini grilled cheese and magic muffins”

  1. Sage Says:

    That’s exactly how I feel when I leave YOUR house! Maybe Donna is a magnificent mirror (or frame with no picture) in which you see your own fabulosity (I invented that word!) more clearly!!

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