Hammers and other cool stuff

I love to hammer. I’m just not very good at it. I blame my Kindergarten teacher. For reasons never to be understood, learning to use a hammer and saw was part of the Kindergarten curriculum back in the day. WTF? I mean, really, expecting five-year-olds to master a sharp saw by creating a sail boat out of a block of wood is just insane. It’s sharp for God’s sake and requires a level of coordination I don’t have today. I still remember the panicked feeling as I desperately tried to saw in a straight line. Didn’t happen. And then hammer in the sail mast thingy. Mine was a mess.

You’d think it would be enough to put me off tools forever. But no. I own a dremel tool, a band saw, a power drill and, oh yes, a hammer.

Back to the hammer. I love it. But it takes multiple holes to get the 1 or 2 I wanted in the first place. Happens even when I measure. Especially when I measure. So now I can never move because of the many, many holes that hid behind pretty decorations.

Speaking of which, how cool is this idea …


Take a frame you love … a vintage, thrifted one is best … and just hang it on the wall. You can put a smaller picture (framed) inside it if you like. Got the idea from Donna. I told you she’s brilliant. Of course, she says it’s an old idea, shown many times in decorating magazines. I don’t believe it. I’m giving her credit.

And did you notice, I’ve said “cool” at least three times in this post? Can’t wait to get the HP Top 10 of hip sayings, so I can freshen my vocabulary.


One Response to “Hammers and other cool stuff”

  1. Sage Says:

    Ahhhh….the possibilities of the empty frame! Sheer poetry! Almost as poetic as picturing you with power tools!

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