February’s here, my mojo is lost

I am thrilled that February is here. I love February. The red, the pink, the heart shapes. I love it whether or not I’m in love. Always have. My birthday comes on the 12th, same as Abraham Lincoln, which always made me unreasonably proud when I was in grade school. As I like to celebrate for at least a week, I made Valentine’s “mine” years ago. Really, it’s just an extension of my birthday. And that, of course, explains why I’m perfectly happy regardless of whether a handsome stranger brings me chocolates.

So welcome February! You’ve been captured in all your glowing loveliness by Sage today:


I celebrated February 1 by spending most of the day in my daughter’s Kindergarten classroom. K is Star of the Week this week (which I’ll explain more at some other time … maybe along with a list of ideas to do!), and so we brought in a super fun “make a puppet by tracing your foot” project. The kids all loved it. But I tell you, there was something in the air today. By early afternoon, you’d have thought all 20 children had enjoyed espresso for lunch. They were a handful. I don’t know how teachers do it. And K’s teacher is especially amazing. She handles them all with such grace and calm; it’s an inspiring thing to see.

Now I am rather exhausted. Have yet to write the first word of a five-piece direct mail campaign that is due Monday morning. Not because of the Kindergarten day really. My creative mojo for direct mail has gone missing. Having a hard time mustering the energy to arrange words on paper so that company A can sell more to company B, and C, and D and E …

Maybe tomorrow.


One Response to “February’s here, my mojo is lost”

  1. Sage Says:

    Hooray for February! If I were your mojo, I’d beat it, too, when it’s time to help company A sell to company B. Foot puppets sound far more rewarding!

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