Found time

Here’s what I’m doing right now ..


Why you may ask? I finished a huge project in record time. A fraction, really, of what I’d expected. And while there is more work to be done, it doesn’t actually have to be done today. And as I am a big fan of not hurrying things, I have found time on my hands. And it feels great. So does beginning all my sentences with “and” even though English teachers back in the day (and probably today) would forbid such frivolous conjunction use.

So here I am in my office … because even though I’m not actually working, I feel compelled to be near the phone and computer. So I’m reading blogs and making a Valentine pom-pom garland. I told you I was crazy about Valentines!

And when K wakes up from a nap … she’s home sick today … I’ll teach her how and things will really get festive. Happy Monday!


One Response to “Found time”

  1. Sage Says:

    I want to climb right through the screen and enter the pom-pom garland paradise!

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