When you are a mom, it is inevitable that the germs that made your child sick will eventually look for a new target. And that will be you. I thought I was going to “mighty mom” it through this cycle but no. The sore throat and hacking cough started today, making me look a lot like this …


Lovely! Here’s something that really is lovely … All Recipes … a recipe Web site that not only has tons of recipes but also lets you decide what size you want to print the recipe. And you can convert from US to Metric. Plus change the number of servings and the recipe will automatically do a conversion, putting an end to having your calculator out as you try to divide a recipe into thirds. I’ve always wondered how to cut an egg in three. Happy cooking!


2 Responses to “Inevitability”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    Bummer. You know what? I have a scratchy throat and all the fixin’s of a good cold myself. So I’m pumping the Airborne. Not sure I’m going to get this one in time, darn it. Happens to the best of us, right?

  2. freelance4life Says:

    Automatic recipe conversions: hallelujah!! I don’t know…I think you look pretty darn fabulous holding that coffee cup!

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