Saturday and other s words

The “sicks” as we call them around here hit full force last night. Along with a big rain storm. Everyone says we need the rain but no one wants it. We wish for Spring and sun. Instead the gray-turned world matches how we feel. Shaky, slow. Still, there are sparkles to be found …

The little sculptor

And sweet butter on baguettes


A fire in the fireplace. Snuggling under blankets. Sewing little things. Saturday.


2 Responses to “Saturday and other s words”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    Samantha is sitting on my lap as I type this, so not responsible for spelling errors.

    Samantha is getting heavy, by the way. Soon she’ll be 40 lbs.

    I love your post today. So wish I had a fireplace or was sicky there with you guys.

    Only two \’][

    …that was her, “helping.”

    Only two more days until your birthday…yay!

  2. freelance4life Says:

    And SAGE! Another S word for a little secondary sweetness streaming from afar!

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