That’s the first word that popped into my head this morning when I woke up shivering under a duvet cover and mounds of blankets, goosebumps all over. The dictionary says chilblains are actually an inflammation of the hands and feet cause by exposure to cold and moisture. Let’s broaden this good, old-fashioned word to fit teeth-chattering, blanket-wrapped sickies, shall we?

Being sick is making me acutely aware of the rather odd things I do when I’m unwell, such as:

1. Make and drink coffee even though tea would be better for me. Skipping my morning coffee ritual (unless I’m actually sick to my stomach) makes me worse. I swear!

2. Get rid of the leftovers in the fridge. Anything that we ate before I got sick has to go.

3. Eat soup and pancakes and saltines. Not usually together. I take turns.

4. Take a shower and get dressed. Even though staying in jammies seems like a better choice, I cling to the hope that showering and dressing will trick the sick bugs into leaving.

5. Think of wildly ambitious craft projects and then try to start them. Never a good idea. Just like typing when my brain is foggy.

6. Try not to take medicine. Even when my head is pounding and coughing becomes violent. Airborne is OK and Chestal (a homeopathic cough medicine), but I hold out until I’m desperate before swallowing Tylenol or Motrin.

7. Want my mom. Seriously.

What do you do when you’re sick?


One Response to “Chilblains”

  1. freelance4life Says:

    Awww….wishing I were there to pose as your mom! What I do when I’m sick is marvel that my body works right most of the time…then marvel at how it can completely come to a halt in ways that are completely beyond my control.

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