Here I am


It seems I took an unintended blogging break. That darn bronchitis. Now that I’m 95% well, K is sick again. Isn’t that always the way? We are actively combating the continuation of a vicious cycle … I simply refuse to get sick again. Mostly because I’m so tired of it being the primary topic of conversation!

So what else? Much rearranging of the house has gone on over the past few days. After being sick, I either cut off all my hair or rearrange everything I can lift. This time it was the rearranging. Love this new corner …


There’s been a bit of sewing … gotta have a place to put teeth when they fall out don’tcha think? The tooth was inspired by an actual tooth-shaped pillow I saw on one of my favorite blogs. That was the plan but then K found the camouflage fabric, which she adores. So we compromised … camouflage for pillow, cute tooth guy for pocket.


And some great mail, including this old school flashcard with my favorite unhip word from Donna.


Yeah, things are cool!


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