Plus one

This weekend was a feast for the senses. My dear friend Lauri, with her dear fiance Pat, hosted a sit-down, four-course dinner for 16 as part of a regular dinner group that has been meeting monthly since 1999 to share good food, wine and conversation. To mix things up a bit, February was a “plus one/two” event where each couple in the core group invited another person/couple. I was the lucky plus one for adorable couple Will and Daren, and enjoyed every minute and morsel of citrus-dressed salad, lentil soup, chicken mole and angel food cake. The table was dressed in chocolate brown and French blue with clusters of pink roses down the middle. Gorgeous.

It was simply wonderful to help make guacamole, chatter away for hours and stay up way past my usual “mommy will be woken up too early to stay up late” bedtime. And I got this wonderful present for my birthday … vintage straight pins.


I love them! And since I’ve been sewing a lot lately, they are the perfect gift. With pins in hand, I spent Sunday making handmade gifts for friends and figuring out a tote bag pattern after being inspired by this fabulous blog that I just adore. Now it’s Monday and I’d like to be tucked upstairs, turning fabric into things. But since client deadlines dictate otherwise, I will arrange words on paper instead.


One Response to “Plus one”

  1. Lauri Says:

    Someday can we have remedial photography lessons for Lauri? Your pictures all look fabulous! Who knew that sewing pins could look so artsy?! Thank you for all the kind words about the party. I should have sent the roses home with you. They’re holding up surprising well and I think I’m about recovered – woo hoo!

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