Empty spaces

Sage tagged me to share 5 things about myself that most don’t know. I’ve only thought of 3 so far. Not that I don’t have dozens of eccentricities not often talked about in polite circles but because I have so many — and they all seem so normal to me — that it’s hard to narrow the list to 5.

Instead I find myself, in the waning hours of February 2007, pondering empty spaces …


This is the space where the round table sat. The table we bought when there was a we. It was purchased for a different house. For poker games with the (big) boys and craft projects with the children we might one day have. It moved to a smaller house over three years ago. The dinner table for mother and child. The hub for many an art and craft, which deepened the warm patina. Yet, it was always a little too big. And now it has moved. To the new house of the man who used to be the other half of we. With a few extra dings and a bit of Sharpie pen, the table now begins a new life where I expect many a poker game will be played.

We have lived with the empty space for a month. I had visions of the perfect antique table. If I had more patience, I probably would have found it eventually. But without a table to gather around, meal time was too quiet, hard to savor. So I went with K’s favorite pick from the Pottery Barn catalog. Tonight, we will feast and talk long around our new beachy table that fills the emptiness.



One Response to “Empty spaces”

  1. Sage Says:

    I am completely goose bumped. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

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