The big 5

I’m ready to answer Sage’s tag challenge. I’ve narrowed my list of 5 things most people don’t know about me to:

1. I have to take a shower every morning or my hands and feet will be freezing all day. I’m talking really cold. Distracting cold.

2. I love dill pickles but never eat the end bits where the cucumber was attached to the vine. The wrinkly ends gross me out.

3. Toilet paper. Has to be inserted into the holder so the end folds over rather than under. I’ve been known to reverse directions at other people’s houses. It bugs me that much!

4. When I was 5, I was hospitalized for pneumonia. I was devastated missing days at kindergarten and dismayed that the hospital provided pajamas for girls. I was the frilly nightgown type and found it near impossible to sleep with pjs. Happily, my mom and grandma came to the rescue with two nighties — one yellow, the other green — complete with lace.

5. I talk to myself when I work, cook, craft, um, do just about anything. And I mean really talk to myself. So much so that anyone in the house or near me assumes I’m talking to them. I’m not.

Oh and there are so many more! But enough about me. Now, I want to hear 5 about you. Instead of tagging people, I’d love for everyone who reads this blog to leave a comment with your top 5.

Happy March 1st!


2 Responses to “The big 5”

  1. kd Says:

    PK – given the banner, this has to be my old cranberry friend. I see you have been truly inspired, and am glad!

  2. Sage Says:

    So, that’s what happened to my toilet paper the last time you were visiting! : ) The beauty of life is that there are always surprises, no matter how close two people are! Wishing you a lacy nightgown day!

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