Portrait Tuesday

Nearly every morning begins with some type of art/craft/cooking project in our household. Before showers. Before breakfast. Before making lunches. It’s a funny little habit that has evolved over the last year or so. Don’t ask me why the first thing K and I think to do in the morning is make something. The weekends are the best since there is no rush to finish. During the week, we have to stay focused and be quick.

This morning, K drew portraits of herself, her dad and me.



Cracking up about the glasses. It’s a new detail in many of her pictures. So despite the fact that her dad doesn’t wear glasses, he has them here. I do wear them but only when my contacts are bothering me. And, to my knowledge, neither of us has ever worn peace sign necklaces but they are darn snappy. I’ve never looked better really. Love the swishy skirt and svelte form. Matches what I look like in real life exactly!


One Response to “Portrait Tuesday”

  1. Sage Says:

    What’s wild is that KK completely captured the essence of each of you! She’s a gifted gal, for sure!

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