Come back Spring, come back


Spring sprung last Friday and by Sunday had fast-forwarded into summer. Here in Northern California, it’s been in the 80s these past two days. Before all the daffodils finished blooming, it got rather hot. And I realized two things …

I have to buy sunscreen

It’s time to shed a few — or 20 — pounds.

Nothing like a hot day to make you realize how much hotter you get when carrying around more weight than you should. Dang! I thought I had a few weeks of clever layering left.

Of course, this is likely a false start to summer and even spring. The chilly rain will likely be back yet. So we took full advantage of the balmy weather to have sandwich night. We love sandwich night for any night that it’s too hot or you’re too tired to cook. A quick stop for deli sandwiches, pickles and olives and potato chips (last time I swear!). At home, I whip up a quick salad; tonight it was fruit salad. And before you can say, “Bob’s your uncle,” dinner is served!



One Response to “Come back Spring, come back”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    First of all, how did you know that Bob is my husband’s uncle?

    And secondly, how did you know that I need to lose twenty pounds?

    Only I found out trying on clothes to wear for my book tour. What a horrible time to discover such a thing!

    And yes, you are right, the hot weather is a good motivator too.

    And the puppies who are grumbling to get out of their kennel.

    Must run! Just took a walk so I am in “good shape” at least for tonight.

    Yummy looking fruit salad…

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