Today was a little day of firsts. K had her first sewing lesson, and first boat ride. After the sewing lesson, we packed up our backpacks and headed to the Larkspur Ferry, which goes straight to the amazingly-renovated 1880s San Francisco Ferry Building. We were rather giddy with the adventure of it all.


Wandering around without a plan was delicious. We found pirate and smiley-faced buttons, tie-dyed shirts (after which we had to find a bathroom so K could put on her new shirt, creating quite the color combination) and the sculpture-fountain that was the source of endless entertainment.


Lunch outside. Picking the perfect cupcakes. Watching people in zany St. Patrick’s Day hats drink green beer. Running to catch the boat back.


It was one of those days that the wonder of motherhood hit me full force. A day to cherish.


3 Responses to “Vacation-like”

  1. Sage Says:

    Where can I sign up to be your 2nd daughter? I want to have the kind of day you guys had! YUM!!

  2. Mari Says:

    Pam, I’m a friend of Sage’s and have enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time. Just want to say how visually beautiful it is — the images and shapes and colors, the arrangements of objects on tables and walls… it’s comforting and nourishing to be given aesthetic breathers between blocks of text. I’m not a mother or a crafts person myself, so I admire and appreciate your obvious ease and fluency with these roles!

  3. The Writer Mama Says:

    That’s so true (the comment above)! You have a very strong aesthetic sense, Pam. Clean and warm at the same time.

    This is such a lovely description of the journey there and back. And yet another great article idea: how to not over-plan a day outing and what you discover and relish along the way.

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