Random musings from miss distractible

I was supposed to get up at 5:45 this morning to finish two deliverables for a big client and then go meet said client. I did get up, and then nearly fell down. Dizzy, a little sick to my stomach. I did finish the projects but I didn’t drive 1.5 hours south to the meeting even though I was all dressed up with high heels and earrings, which elicited an “oooh, la, la” from K.

Now I’m in my sweats, old sweater and fuzzy slippers. I should be …

:: writing an article about garden hardscapes

:: proofing a set of six brochures

:: creating a framework for a new client Web site and writing the copy

:: writing up invoices and estimates

:: packing for NY

:: going to the grocery store to stock up for the time I’m away and others will feed K

:: doing more laundry

Instead I am …

:: bugging Sage every few minutes on iChat

:: reading all my favorite blogs

:: thinking of things to write lists about

:: looking up words like distractible because they look wrong even when right

:: making toast and tea

:: spending way too much time deciding what pens and notebooks I should bring

:: pulling out enough reading material for two weeks, which I’ll just have to lug back

:: wondering if I should make oatmeal cookies right this very minute

:: wishing I had a better bag to tote my laptop, notebooks and pens

:: considering sewing something


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