Differently the same

As I may have mentioned once or twice, arrangement of furniture is in a constant state of evolution here. The first thing my family does when they visit is go from room to room to see what’s different.

Last week, they saw the empty frame that I put up in the living room (2/22 post) and the following exchange ensued:

Sister: I have to say, I don’t see the point of the empty frame.
Mom: I was wondering about that.
Me: The point is possibility.
Sister + Mom: oh.

And that got me to thinking about familial differences. How, despite being raised in the same way by the same parents, my sisters and I differ and differ even still from our parents.

Unlike the rest of my family, I make fast decisions. I like to take risks (hence my choice of freelance career over “stable” corporate gig). I have, shall we say, a cavalier attitude toward money. I didn’t have to take a test for my line of work (no one yet has figured out how to test aptitude for writing B-S to help companies sell stuff). I thrive on change (explains the constant rearranging). I like it when things don’t match.

And just like the rest of my family, I play a wicked game of cards. Enjoy sitting at the table for hours, talking. Am highly competitive. Love the water. Can made a ripple ice cream pie.

Today, at 6 and 43, K and I both love to go out to dinner and visit the shops. We like to make things from paper, fabric, just about anything. We play crazy 8s at dinnertime. She loves sports. I prefer to sit and read. She’s a tomboy. I love pink.

And while we are both still growing and learning, K has a longer journey to the person she will become. I can’t help but wonder: how will she still be like me when she’s grown up? How will she be different?



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