Disappearing act

10 days later and here’s what I have to tell you … what I had for lunch. But it comes with a story so it might be worth sticking with me for a few more seconds. I was in town today … wait, sidebar. Doesn’t “in town” make it sound like I live out on the prairie? I don’t really but I do live in a town so we do say “in town” which is all of 5 minutes away from the house.

Back to the lunch story. Many copies needed to be made and FedEx packages sent today. So after doing all that, I stopped into the cafe to grab a sandwich to go. Being that it’s Good Friday and that I was brought up Catholic (though you’d hardly know it today), I ordered tuna. The no meat on Fridays during Lent rule has been hardwired into me.

Back home, I unwrapped my sandwich and found a BLT. I laughed so hard. So much for being a good Catholic. I savored every bite. I hope whomever got my tuna was just as happy.



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