The things she says

The same six-year-old who advises, chin up and charge the mountain, provides an endless stream of commentary that is sometimes so adult it’s hard to believe the source is just four feet tall.

The Realist

K: Zander is my best friend. And I’m his.

Me: Yeah?

K: Yeah but Zander doesn’t like to admit it because I’m a girl. But that’s OK, I know how he real feels.

The Negotiator

Me: It’s time to wrap it up and get your PJs on.

K: You know, now that I’m a little older, I think I should stay up a little later.

Me: Oh, you do? Well maybe on Friday and Saturday when you don’t have school the next day.

K: OK, so I can stay up as long as I want as long as it’s not too long?

The Smartypants

K: Did you know that elephant starts with P?

Me: Well, you’re right that there is a “p” in elephant but it’s not the first letter.

K: Sure it is. Pachyderm starts with P and pachyderm is another word for elephant.

Me: Wow.

The Pragmatist

Me: oops! You’ve got ice cream all over your face.

K: (enjoying her ice cream cone) Oh, that’s OK. It’s the natural look when you’re eating ice cream.

The Teenager

Me: How was the field trip to Wild Care?

K: Great.

Me: What did you see?

K: Pelicans. A polar bear that was sick.

Me: Did you see any cows?

K: (with dramatic roll of eyes) Mom, we went to WildCare. Wild. Care. Get it?



2 Responses to “The things she says”

  1. Sage Says:

    That was a total treat. Thanks for giving me a little smattering of the fabulous KK!!

  2. Rona Says:

    This was amusing. 🙂
    I liked the elephant talk! 😀

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