Just blew in from the Windy City

Chicago is one of my favorite places.


The lake. The architecture. Shopping on Michigan Avenue. I love the San Francisco meets New York feel in this gorgeous place where it’s easy to hail a cab. And I love it because my little sister … who I still think of as in the 4th grade despite the fact that she’s a hot-shot mergers and acquisitions attorney … lives there. It’s been a few years since I’ve visited and the first time I brought K. It was a fabulous adventure.

I’m not, I must admit, a very good traveler. I worry, I obsess, I spend hours making lists. This time ’round, with K in tow and laptop (my second brain) packed, I had not a care in the world. The time difference didn’t trip us up at all … we hit the ground running with dinner at Quartino where the wine is cheaper than the bottled water! And then after dinner drinks at the top of the Hancock. 96 floors up at night is the perfect time for a Shirley Temple.

We hung out with these two Beluga whales (mama and baby) at the Shedd Aquarium.


And we met Sue.


Sue is the largest T-Rex skeleton unearthed to date. Her head is too heavy — 600 pounds — for the skeleton to support it, so it’s kept in a separate case.


The Field Museum blew our socks off. Aunt Shell and I were as enthralled as K at the skeletons and stories of each era through current time. The new Evolving Planet exhibit was incredible. It takes visitors through each era and mass extinction. And you know what? We are currently in the 6th mass extinction. That’s right. A display on the wall told us that, since 8 a.m. that morning, 33 species had become extinct. Because of pollution, waste, irresponsible consumerism. Right then and there I decided to up my conservation efforts. Beyond recycling, I’ve decided to do away with paper towels. I can use dish towels. Since I have a very small, European efficient washer and dryer, washing the dish towels won’t cause more harm. I remembered to bring my own bags to Trader Joe’s yesterday. And I’m looking for more opportunities. Because we don’t really want to end up like this, do we?



One Response to “Just blew in from the Windy City”

  1. Sage Says:

    I’m going to stop using paper towels, too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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