Clipping service

As Sage and I were talking today, I tried to recall what article in what magazine I’d recently read about all the easy ways to recycle, save energy, etc. I couldn’t and complained that I was currently surrounded by too many magazines of which I’ve just read bits and pieces. And then I realized this was a good thing because I could update my clipping files. And Sage asked what clipping files. And I explained my system for keeping information and inspiration I pull from magazines. And she said please send me pictures. So I did. And then she said, oh you have to blog about this. So I am.

I began this system years back because I’m just not one to keep 20 years’ of magazine issues under my bed. Plus I don’t have the patience to cull through the stacks to find that one thing on that great topic by that fab author each time I’m looking for one thing on a great topic by a fab author.

So I pull what I want and recycle the rest of the magazine. The pages I pull go into clear plastic presentation books by Kokuyo (a readily available supply store item), which are organized by category.


I have books for gift ideas, holiday, decorating, parties/table settings, inspiration, health and crafts. I just tuck the pages inside the sleeves and presto! A mini magazine of my own making that’s easy to find and use.



2 Responses to “Clipping service”

  1. Sage Says:

    You make organization so romantic, so inviting, so darn desirable!!

  2. The Writer Mama Says:

    Oh, I think you know what I’m about to say.

    Hint: It’s the same thing I always say when I come to your blog.

    Happy weekend!

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