Now for my next trick

Little fabric holders to stow half-size index cards.


(My model needs her nails cleaned!) I found these half-size cards at Office Depot on Friday and was immediately inspired to get out the fabric. Now you may be wondering why the excitement over half-size index cards and why in the world they need fabric holders. Well, my lecture-attending, note-taking days may be long past but the index card is just the thing to have on the go, should you want to write something down. An item for the grocery list. A reminder to call the dentist. A phrase overheard that would make the perfect short story title. They are very light and quite convenient. And the half-size is even lighter and that much more convenient. Not to mention cute, cute, cute!

Alas, the poor things don’t hold up well to travel. They tend to fall to the bottom of the purse or backpack. The corners bend, they get dirty and sad. And one ends up tossing cards before they’ve served their purpose: to record your brilliant ideas.

Enter the fabric holder. It’s colorful so you can find your cards before the elusive thought flees your mind. It’s compact so you don’t add bulk to your bag. It’s washable so it can always be clean. Now that’s snappy!



3 Responses to “Now for my next trick”

  1. Lauri Says:

    Darling! And cute, cute, cute indeed! Maybe you could work on a version, using tooth-inspired fabric for junior high girls’ orthodontic paraphernalia. Not that I’m anywhere close to junior high but the thought came to me as I was picking dog hair off the wax that will keep these pokey bits from poking.

  2. Sage Says:

    I’m a believer!

  3. Eliza Says:

    I want! I want so bad I might try to sew something…

    -she who failed sewing class

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