Under here


no, here.


Remember me? I’m still here. Just been buried under project work. So many so that it seems my brain has stopped thinking of clever, witty things with which to entertain us both. But I see a glimmer, the little light at the end of the tunnel and have no doubt that I will soon be back with more endlessly clever and witty observations.

Meantime, I leave you with a question: Is it possible to have too many books?

I admit I was astounded to have a parent of one of K’s classmates tell me that she thought books needn’t be part of a teacher appreciation gift because, really, wasn’t the classroom already overflowing with books? Talk about things that make you go hmmmmm.


One Response to “Under here”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    Is this supposed to be messy?

    Uh-oh, I knew I was tempted to take a before and after picture of the pile o’stuff on my desk before I cleared it off the other day.

    Not to be competitive or anything, but if you want to see what a really messy desk looks like some time, I’ll invite you over.

    Oh, no. That’s right. I don’t like people to see my desk when it gets like that. That’s why I didn’t take the picture.

    Anyway, to solve the problem, I usually spread out papers on the floor. Because I can’t ignore them if I have to trip over them. Right?

    Good luck with all your work, Ms. Sparkles.

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