Peonies & Pink Martini


Oh the blowzy wonderfulness of peonies. Fat bunches for $6.99 at Trader Joes = happy PK. Buy them tight and they’ll slowly open to the full reach of their exuberant selves.

img_2389.jpgA canning jar as vase provide the perfect juxtaposition of simple against abundance. Open the windows, play the new Pink Martini (Hey Eugene is the album), dance around the house. Cook a little. Write a little. The perfect holiday Monday.


4 Responses to “Peonies & Pink Martini”

  1. Mari Says:

    Hi Pamela,

    Gorgeous photos of peonies! They are marvelous flowers, aren’t they? A friend recently gave me one from her garden that was as big as a small hat.

    I can’t find your e-mail address, so am leaving a message here for all the world to see/read. Do you need any help or contributions for your July 1st event for S & J? If so, do let me know…

    Looking forward to seeing you then…


  2. Sage Says:

    DELICIOUS!! Pamela the Peony!!

  3. Lauri Says:

    It’s such a good thing I read your blog! I would have never known that the Pink Martini album was out. I just bought it today and can’t wait for a listen. Now about the flowers, do/did your peonies smell? There used to be bushes of them in Nebraska and I’d always stop to have a sniff when I was delivering the afternoon edition of the Omaha World Herald. They smelled heavenly but sometimes the ones out here just smell tired and over travelled.

  4. jen lemen Says:

    oh peonies are my favorite! love these pics.

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