Travel patterns of good ideas

Have you ever noticed how good ideas travel? One person adopts it, then another, then another. And pretty soon, the good idea is part of daily life. Exhibit A:


I got this idea from Heidi’s blog who adapted it from an idea in Rachael Ray’s magazine. And it’s brilliant. First off, following Heidi’s interpretation, I just had to go to Target. Lucky me, one more dot tray was left. A bunch of supplies later and we have a new centerpiece for the table. There is nothing like a tantalizing collection of art supplies to entertain a crabby kid and/or to get the creative juices going. The art production around here has gone up, up, up in the last few days. Now … where to put it all?


2 Responses to “Travel patterns of good ideas”

  1. Sage Says:

    I’m moving in! Art supplies + Dutch baby…what more could a woman want?!

  2. Lauri Says:

    I’m with Sage. My first thougth was, “Oh, I want to live there!”

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