Summer lovin

It’s been many years since “summer” has felt like “summer.” Really, once you’re done with college, work goes all year round. People used to ask me, “how’s your summer?” And I’d be stumped. Um, just like the rest of the year. Busy with work … same old, same old.

But now! Now, I have a grade-schooler. And summer is summer again. I might not have those long lazy days of reading stacks of library books but things do feel lighter. Easier. Here’s what I love most …

:: Trading PTA for camp (less work for me, more fun for K)

:: No lunches or snacks to make (again, that snappy camp routine)

:: Quiet streets

:: Swimming before dinner at the local pool

:: Fewer slices of the pie (could work/life balance be within my grasp?)

:: More time to eat pie

:: Warm nights, fresh fruit, big salads and popscicles

:: Long weekends at Grandma and Grandpa’s (also known as Mr. Fancypants)

:: Flip flops and floaty skirts

:: Dressing the house in its summer finery

:: Time to explore


What do you love most about summertime?


4 Responses to “Summer lovin”

  1. Lauri Says:

    I love most when my friends can come out to play. Can you? Can you?

  2. Mari Says:

    I love:

    – cicadas
    – cold Japanese noodles
    – “shave” ice
    – straw hats
    – fog billowing down over Twin Peaks
    – blowsy gardens
    – long walks at twilight
    – kids peddling their bikes along sleepy, tree-lined streets
    – nature’s invitation to slow down and savor its fullness

  3. The Writer Mama Says:

    I was just writing about this for a short article, so I can’t reveal all yet.

    When I read “pie” I was like pie=work/life balance…huh?

    What does pie have to do with it?

    You really stumped me. Then I read the last entry and I was like, “Oh, busy life=slices of pie. I get it!

    Start one of those meme thingys with your “What I Love About Summer” idea.

    Here’s to summer!

  4. Sage Says:

    I love most reading what Pam and Mari love most about summer! Floaty skirts and blowsy gardens: delish!

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