Sparkly solution #23

Aren’t magazines fabulous? They lure you with their glossy covers and promises of inspiration and entertainment. Until, that is, you get too busy to read them and they sit in stacks gathering dust. I don’t know about you but I start to resent them when I have too many. And yet, I worry that if I put a half read issue in the recycling bin that I will miss something Very Important. Life Changing probably. So they stay and more dust gathers until, in a fit of pique, they all go.

Obviously, one way to remedy this situation is to subscribe to fewer magazines. And resist the urge to buy off the newsstand. But I’ve discovered an even better solution — get magazines in a language you can’t read. Seriously.

It’s the sparkly solution that saves so much time you quickly put an end to the dust-collecting stack.

Here’s how it works … say you have a French magazine like these:


The photographs are gorgeous, the paper glossy and thick. Very satisfying.


As you flip through the pages, you’re drawn in. You go to read about what you’re seeing. Then you think to yourself, “oh yeah, I can’t read French” and you move on to the next picture. You’re done with that magazine speedy quick. You pull the pages you love and stow them in your clipping system, and out goes the magazine to be recycled into a new form. Voila!

Now I’m not suggesting you trade all your magazines for ones you can’t read but throw a few in the mix and discover how freeing a foreign language can be.


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