Table for 30

Last week this time, I was nursing a migraine while preparing for the biggest shin-dig I’ve given in years. Just that morning, I’d bid good-bye to K for a week. A week! The first time she’s ever gone away without me (vacation with her dad). I was in a rather fragile state but party favors had to be made …


The tags were custom-designed by shim + sons whom I never would have “met” if it weren’t for these things called blogs. The tags were drop-dead amazing. Never have M&Ms been packaged so well.


Oh, and did you know … those M&M people will customize the M&M colors of your choice with whatever message you like. These said “sage + jon” which is just perfect for the newly engaged!


When I began planning the party, I envisioned everyone sitting around a long table feasting on food fresh from the Farmer’s Market. And that’s what we did.



Putting it all together required a bit of hunting and gathering. My favorite items were sourced straight from the hardware store: painter’s drop clothes to cover 24 feet of table (they look and feel like linen for a fraction of the price) and jelly jars for glasses. That idea was inspired by Fish, a restaurant in Sausalito that I learned about from Sally. Fish is an incredible place right on the water that serves the yummiest organic food in a down-home setting that makes me want to move right in. Instead, I’ve found reasons to eat there 3 times in as many weeks.

Now a week later, the linens are at the dry cleaners, the glassware stowed away, K is on her way home and I’m wondering when I should throw another party. I mean, after 30, a dinner for 10 or brunch for 20 would be a cinch!


2 Responses to “Table for 30”

  1. sally Says:

    Everything looks fantastic! I bet Sage + Jon were more than thrilled with their engagement party. Love the table set-up + custom M&M’s…you are a great hostess + friend.

    Now you’re making me crave FISH…love that place!

  2. Sage Says:

    Sage + Jon were so inspired by the fantastic spread and glorious festivities that we came close to saying “I do” and sealing the deal right then and there. Now we have to plan a wedding that lives up to our engagement party! The bar has been set high, Dear Pamela! You are the greatest co-conquistadora of all time! Many, many thanks!!

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