The purpose of peep-toes

Did you know that the purpose of peep-toe shoes is more concealment than fashion? True story. I’ve fallen a bit behind on repairs + maintenance (think bushy eyebrows and chipped polish) so I’ve been relying on the peep-toes. You see, with peep-toes, you just need your big toe and the one next to it to look good. If the rest of your toes look like they’ve been working in the fields, it’s OK. You can’t see them and so the illusion of glamour is maintained.

Of course, eventually one reaches a point that even the peep toe can’t camouflage. Thank goodness for 1940s-style summer pumps!


Note to self: make beauty appointments. Next note to self: create new blog category called “Serious Issues” for highly important posts such as this one.


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