3:24 p.m.

and the silence is palpable. The demolition across the street is done for another day. Yesterday, it was so bad that I yelled, “shut up” from inside my office, which of course no one could hear but I did feel marginally better.

All told, yesterday was one of those days that kicked my butt. I plowed through a mountain of work (the corporate paying kind) that required revisions and updates to 8 different pieces, all with slightly different nuances. My brain spun with the juggling. And just as I hit send, the client sent over new information so I got to do it again. By 4 p.m., I had to take refuge.

Off to the kitchen I took my princess self, where mincing and dicing did its magic.


There is nothing like cooking to reverse the tedium that can come from arranging words on paper for hours at a time.

Now the trouble with days that kick your butt is that it’s really hard to muster the energy to charge the mountain the next day. And really easy to decide that the laundry and rearranging the spice rack should come first. Only then you know what happens? The deadlines get closer and, well, you guessed it. Another butt-kicker day. At least it will be Friday.


One Response to “3:24 p.m.”

  1. Sage Says:

    For some reason, I’m finding it quite satisfying to watch my dirty dishes pile up on my butt-kicking day. As if they are some kind of passive accomplishment of their own, in the margins of what I am creating!

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