There’s no time wasted when you’re bonding

When it takes half an hour to navigate from Fort Mason in SF to Chinatown, you have to look on the bright side. After all, San Francisco is less than 10 miles across. I’d like to think it was the map but I’m pretty sure it was me. There are spots in the City that I know like the back of my hand. And then there are seemingly simple routes that just baffle me.

There we were, six in the car, traversing the City covering many of the same streets multiple times. Luckily we were fortified with a lovely lunch from Greens, which began with grilled peaches + mascarpone, honey and watercress. Mouthwatering good.

And there was the fact that we were all in one car. Instead of one following the other. And like Donna said, “there’s no time wasted when you’re bonding.” Exactly right.

Finally we made it and, as luck would have it (no doubt fate smiling kindly on us after the driving detours), the perfect parking spot materialized. The food tour continued with fortune cookies from the fortune cookie factory, lotus cakes and rice candy. From there it was quick hop to the Ferry Building … with no unfortunate driving detours since I actually know how to get to that place speedy quick (well, fairly speedy quick). Herb bread + chocolate + lavender cookies … oh my! We feasted all the way through.

It was one of those perfectly sparkling San Francisco days made all the more gorgeous by the very best friends. Thanks Boss girls!


Oh! And thanks to Carrie for the fabulous addition to my Hello Kitty collection.



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