Fun with laundry

Fun? With laundry? Yes indeed dear reader. When the laundry basket is upstairs and the washer downstairs, the best way to bring them together is by tossing everything over the banister.


I don’t think the ducks approve but K and I find the practice hilariously funny. And because it’s fun, I have a great little helper with no complaining! The laundry does get a bit delayed on its travels to the washer because, once on the staircase, it makes the most wonderful backdrop for creative play.


Of course, this technique does require a two-story house though I’m sure we could adapt it for single-story abodes. I’ll keep you posted.


One Response to “Fun with laundry”

  1. Jennifer Froh Says:

    HOW FUNNY! I do the SAME thing! Well, we don’t play in it, but we toss if over the balcony… much easier than carrying a basket down the stairs for sure!
    🙂 Jen

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