Decorating with kids or why I love chalkboard paint

The start of school this week included, beyond back-to-school shopping for a girl who grew nearly an inch over the summer, some spiffying of the home front. It will come as no surprise to many that furniture was rearranged yet again — K’s room and the living room. But that wasn’t quite enough to ring in the school season. So we zipped over to the paint store. For about $15 and hours of fun, you can transform nearly any surface into a chalkboard.

Exhibit 1: the preparation


Exhibit 2: second coat being applied


Exhibit 3: the finished product


You may be wondering whether it’s wise to let a 6-year-old paint with black. We had a few “oopsies” past the blue tape but chalkboard paint wipes away if you get it speedy quick. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to have extra door color paint for touch-ups.

I tell you, chalkboard paint is addicting. I have my eye on one narrow kitchen wall. After all, I have half a can of paint left!


2 Responses to “Decorating with kids or why I love chalkboard paint”

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