Sock weather

I’m not a fan of hot weather. It’s, well, hot and sticky and my brain goes soft. So I await the first signs of Fall with open arms, ready to start a three-month extravaganza of holiday decorating, cooking and all-around nesting. It’s turned chilly enough these past few days for jeans and light sweaters. I was all ready for that but not, apparently, to give up my flip-flops. I’ve stubbornly stuck to my summer footwear even with freezing feet. Today, they started to look blue so I was forced to break out the socks. Guess it’s time to trade the flip-flops for the cowboy boots (and that’s another exciting sartorial story let me tell you … but not now, maybe later).

To warm things up, I’ve been making tissue paper flowers for my dear friend Lauri’s fabulous pre-wedding BBQ …


The pattern is from Martha (as in Stewart) and I’ve seen a number of samples in blogland. When Lauri and I did a couple testers, the flowers were a bit wonky. We had to turn our head to the side to see the “flower.” But still charming enough to do more. I found a great online resource for tissue paper and came home to 15 lbs of it on my front porch (the minimum order was 480 sheets per color!). It turns out that the key to a full and fluffy end result that actually resembles a flower is to use wrapping tissue, which is thicker than the “regular” tissue you can buy nearly anywhere (um, Martha forgot to tell us that part). Fortunately, that’s what we got from the Paper Mart and will have dozens of gorgeous orange and red flowers hanging from the trees!


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