In many ways, I am more translator than writer. I spend much of my time translating what other people have written (with all the best intentions of course) into words and sentences that are easy to read and understand. I am artful in my placement of semicolons in the right place, knowledgeable about the serial comma (though I don’t care for it) and unafraid of leaving the extraneous on the cutting room floor.

Yet sometimes words poorly translated make the most impact. Case in point: English that began as Japanese. I received a new stash of fabric from my favorite online resource, Superbuzzy, today. They specialize in Japanese fabrics and often feature storybook scenes. As I folded the freshly laundered material into neat squares, my eye fell upon this one:


And I had to laugh. There are three phrases that tell us the story.

1) The depths of a forest found a house of a cake deeply what.

2) Two people ate a cake of the full. I spent a very happy time.

3) One day a good friend brother and animals lived very much.

It may not make complete sense (or any) but sure does make me smile. Maybe punctuation is overrated.


One Response to “Translations”

  1. Sage Says:

    The perfect found poem! Absolutely beautiful! My friend Austin has a sweat jacket from Japan that reads across the chest “Angel Potato”! Sometimes nonsense makes the most sense of all!

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