Of boots & snappy turns of phrase

I’m officially over the flip-flop thing. How could I be sad about feet too chilly to wear flip flops when there are these new treasures:


Kind of chic biker chick, no? Besides the new boots, I’m also sporting a new phrase picked up in blogland today: rocking socks. It’s a version of “that rocks” or “we rock” and adds a certain oomph to an already snappy term. You can use it a variety of situations. Example: you and your colleagues are nearly done with a major project. You say, “Man, we’re rocking socks.” Example 2: your friend suggests that the two of you meet for cocktails at 4 p.m. You say, “That idea rocks socks.”

Now I better go do something work-related that rocks socks or I’ll have no socks to rock.


2 Responses to “Of boots & snappy turns of phrase”

  1. Sage Says:

    I have the same exact boots! Now, that rocks socks, dude!

  2. Marijke Says:

    Where have you bought these boots cause I can:t find them and I think they rock socks!



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