Clever copy

There’s nothing like great copy to get my heart a-racing. And if it’s part of good packaging, I get downright giddy. Case in point: a box arrived today with an item I ordered from the Boden catalog and it says on the side:

How to return

1. Try everything on, and admire yourself in the mirror.

2. In the unlikely event you don’t look great, decide what you want to return.

3. Fill in the returns form attached to the enclosed despatch (sic … must be an English spelling!) note.

4. Place the items to be returned and the returns form in the box.

5. Slap the returns label on the box (covering the original address label).

6. Secure the box with sticky tape and affix the correct postage.

7. Go to the Post Office and make their day.

Brilliant! First, they assume I will look great. Thank you! But if I do have to return, the disappointment is tempered by the fact that I get to “slap” the returns label and use sticky tape. Not only that, I’ll be brightening the day for the Post Office staff. You just know I’ll be ordering from them again speedy quick.


One Response to “Clever copy”

  1. Sage Says:

    Obviously, these folks are intuitive geniuses who know that you are BEYOND cute!

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