Let’s party

This was the scene last evening at 6:15. All systems go, waiting for the LP wedding kick-off to begin.


There was a choice of ‘tinis … appletinis, cosmos and regular martinis … paired with grilled steak, chinese chicken salad (in the cute take out cartons), prawn spring rolls, mini risotto cakes and assorted accompaniments. Then coconut cake for dessert.


The wedding kick-off party idea is a really fun way to celebrate the bride-to-be in lieu of traditional shower with toilet paper veils and pastel mints. Since it’s close to the big day, everyone was asked to bring an item for the wedding day kit, comprised of things you were glad you had or would want to have on your wedding day. Chocolate bars, kleenex, sewing kit, lint brush, socks, voodoo doll kit (for venting frustration at any troublesome vendors), prayer beads, a flask, Tide to Go pen, and breath freshener were among the haul. Everyone was so clever! All the items went into the official wedding kit tote.


Customized candy bars were the favors.


Now it’s back to more tissue paper flowers. The big event is just days away!


One Response to “Let’s party”

  1. Sage Says:

    No one on this planet can throw a party that rivals Pamela Kim. My socks are a-rocking!

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