Holiday sneak peak

I know, I know. It’s only mid-September. But it’s never too early for Christmas, I always say. I settled on a theme last month … this year, it’s all about silver + pinecones with some red mixed in (I’ll have loads of extra tissue paper from the wedding flower project … is it crazy to stamp it with little silver stars?) … and I have a running list of notes and plans. It seems that the folks at Williams-Sonoma had the same idea.

Last weekend, while running errands, K and I stopped short in front of the big W-S store. What’s that? A Christmas tree? Are they crazy? See, it’s all well and good for me to plan ahead but I don’t like to be rushed by the retailers. I was going to boycott but the tantalizing smells wafting from the store could not be resisted. It was an amazing . Probably because everything looked fresh since no one else has holiday up. The W-S folks are doing a Holiday Preview. All the items for the 07 season are up for a couple weeks. Then they’re going to take it all down until after Thanksgiving. I’m so curious about this marketing strategy. Would love to talk to the folks who dreamed it up.

We sampled hot chocolate, mini cakes and specialty cheeses. Oh, and picked up a couple things.

The mind reels with all the project possibilities. For now, I’m resuming my regularly scheduled flower-making programming. And on Monday, Halloween comes out. All 5 boxes of it!


One Response to “Holiday sneak peak”

  1. CraftandBake Says:


    That Kids in the Holiday Kitchen book looks like something my kids would love! I tried finding it on Amazon as well as through Google with no luck. I was wondering who the publisher is on it? I’d love to order a copy! Thanks so much!

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