Ode to Joy


By Sunday at 5 p.m., the rain and clouds disappeared, providing the perfect sunny crisp backdrop for a wedding. The sheer beauty of the location took our breath away. The pure joy radiating from Lauri + Pat was magical.


All week, as I’ve recovered from a night of exuberant dancing in 4-inch heels (too stubborn to take them off because they were so cute), I’ve thought about the wedding. All weddings are happy. But this one, well this one was infused to the core with joy. Yup, I used the same word twice in one post, which breaks my own personal writing law but what can I do? It was joyful from start to finish.

Interestingly, this was the first wedding I’ve attended as a no longer married person and without a plus one. But there was no awkwardness, no sadness. Just, here it comes again, joy. Joy to be part of this celebration. To drink lovely champagne. To laugh big belly laughs with my new friends Birdy, Bebe, Becky and Mary at Table 2. To be spun around the dance floor with my borrowed boyfriends, Will and Daren. To stay until the darkness deepened around us and the quiet of the mountains took center stage. To drive in the velvet night, down winding roads, back to the bustling world, a cozy house and sleeping child. Joy.


3 Responses to “Ode to Joy”

  1. lifeinthegravy Says:

    This post just vibrates with.. dare I say it..? Yup.. the “J” word. Happiness is one thing.. joy is quite another. Your account of this event was a pleasure to read.. and as another “no longer married person” it gives me continued hope that there really is joy in places I didn’t expect to find it anymore. Thank you…

  2. Lauri Says:

    Oh, Pam. I’m so honored. What a lovely post. Especially as I slog through a decidedly unjoyous day back at the office, it’s wonderful to see your post. Its joyous was possible only because we are blessed with such wonderful friends.

    And a pat on the head to Bobby Big Tooth, he looks smashing holding down the staircase.

  3. sagecohen Says:

    This post just radiates warmth through me. Thank you for JOYing all over me! What a wonderful, wonderful gift!

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