Meet Bobby Big Teeth (or weekend part 2)


The newest addition to our Halloween family (thanks Lauri!) played overseer to the Halloween decorating. He’s creepy but at least he stays still. Unlike the live Halloween decoration down in the basement. The other day, while looking for a box, I thought I saw something grayish-black move in the corner. Ewwwwwww!

Still we were not deterred. It’s time to decorate dangit and that means we had to face the basement, gingerly moving boxes and bundles until we unearthed the Halloween stash at the back. No furry things sighted but we did find a pile of scat. Sigh. Time to get the rodent guy. Because even though my mother tells me that Target has good rat bait, there is no way I’m going to deal with the results of effective rat bait. No. Way.

After unpacking boxes outside … was also not going to risk opening a box inside only to find a nest and live things in it … we composed vignette after vignette throughout the house. My favorite:


Nothing says Halloween like a doll head stuck to a haunted house. Edward Pumpkin Pants likes it too.


And then this I love: trick or treat wine found at Cost Plus. How could I resist?



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