Oh man, my underwear fell in

Said K as she got in to the tub.

Me: what?

K: my underwear is in the tub, wanna see?

Me: of course (the only appropriate answer); did you forget to take them off?

K: no, they were around my ankle and didn’t fall off and then I put my foot in the water. Can I wash them?

Me: no.

K: why not? I’ll do a good job.

Guess who’s in the bath with her underwear as I type? That sums up the mommy shift for the day. I’ve also had shifts as writer and crafter today, as well as daughter. Grab a beverage — I have to go back in time a bit first.

When I was about 10, I was delighted to find a calendar that proclaimed June 13 as Children’s Day. My sisters and I immediately informed our parents and grandparents. We felt it our duty to make sure the folks with purchasing power knew about this important day. A day to celebrate children. Wow. We were so pleased to know.

Fast forward a few decades (ahem) and I find it amusing that there is day with such a title. After all, every day is pretty much children’s day when you are young and lucky enough, as we were, to live in warm and cozy home with parents who encouraged us, were proud of our accomplishments and said “I love you” every day.

I haven’t given much thought to Children’s Day in awhile. Then today came a letter from the folks. It began with a few facts about Children’s Day, which, who knew, dates back to 1925. Only then it was International Children’s Day and celebrated on June 1 (pretty close to my June 13 I think), and then changed to November 20 in 1954. Now in the U.S., the day is October 2. (Gotta love Google — go mom + dad, go!).

The folks, realizing they had been in lax in celebrating us, have made October 4 our family Children’s Day. A day to celebrate their three girls as the women we have become.


Tears pool as I read the words. Gracious and lovely? Thoughtful? Wonderful? I strive always to be all those things, falling short more than I care to admit. To be described as such by your parents — especially when we should be giving them all the thanks — means more than words can express.

The letter came with a check and the instructions to use the funds in a carefree way — something audacious (a tattoo?) or serious (a class?) — anything as long as it falls under the category of would not otherwise have done.

Don’t ask me how I got so fortunate to call these two generous souls my parents; I have no idea. I just know I cherish them and their presence in my life every, single day.


2 Responses to “Oh man, my underwear fell in”

  1. Lauri Says:

    What a lovely sentiment from your parents and I know that’s where my mind should be focused but I just can’t help wondering, how could K possibly step over the side of the tub and make it safely into the bath if her ankles had obstacles? Surely, she is a wonder.

  2. sagecohen Says:

    Amen! To thoughtful, celebratory parents and wonder-daughters who manage to get in the tub with their underpants! May we all be so blessed!

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