Sweet & sinister


I just participated in my first blog swap — the Sweet & Sinister Swap organized by Kari, a craft blogger I read for ideas and inspiration. I remember when I read about it. I thought, it would be fun to do a swap someday; went upstairs to put laundry away and then sped back down to sign up. No time like the present and all that.

In case this is all Greek, let me explain. Swaps happen all over blogland. Someone comes up with a theme, sets the specifications, invites participants and then pairs them up. You send to one person and that same person sends back to you. Reminds me of these funny treasure hunts we did growing up. All the kids in the court would take turns emptying their drawers of trinkets and items they no longer wanted, hiding everything in a designated treasure spot (i.e., their backyard). All the treasure seekers were invited to keep whatever they found.

Swaps take a bit more planning but are even more fun than those treasure hunts. The Sweet & Sinister swap required each participant to send something sweet, something sinister, something handcrafted and something decorative. Interpretation of each was up to each participant. Oh, and everything had to be black + white, orange ok as accent. Here’s a shot of the items I sent to Jennifer in Texas right before they were boxed up:


Oh I just love packaging things! And it was so exciting to watch for the mail this week. On Thursday, I was spoiled by my S & S box from Jennifer:


Look at those tags + cards! And the glittery candles … you can never have too much glitter I always say. I’ll be swapping again, that’s for sure. Thanks Jennifer!


One Response to “Sweet & sinister”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh Pam.. I hope you liked everything. Since it was my first time I was nervous. I love everything I got from you and how you were so personal by tagging everything!!! I’ll have to do that for my next swap. I’m so happy you were “my first” 🙂 Thanks for everything and it was wonderful to meet you!!!! Love, Jen

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