Dancing around paper’s edge

Inspired today by first-graders sounding their way through Sinbad the Pig. By vintage tablecloth fabric fresh from the laundry, waiting patiently to be transformed. I draw it all in, reaching for the words that will make my clients happy. Slowly, slowly they pour forth. I move clothes from washer to dryer as potential phrases swirl in my head.

I try not to overthink it, not to make it more than it is. Just write. One word after the other. Get it done. Move on to the next thing, so I can quickly get to the creative work that beckons. Sewing. Altering. Imagining.



One Response to “Dancing around paper’s edge”

  1. sagecohen Says:

    Dear Madam Poet. Ok, so here’s the deal. You’re a poet. And the cool thing about blogging is that you’re not right here with me at this very second to argue, “AM NOT!” So, I say to thee, embrace thy jewels of genius and off with thee into the yonder of sewing. altering. imagining!

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