Measure twice, cut once

Halloween card construction finished last week and the USPS has done their part of the job, delivering said cards safe and sound to their recipients, which means I can now share them here …


Big scary stamp + metallic ink + cardstock + bone folder + twine = Halloween card that requires a special trip to find envelopes. And in this case, two trips. See, I made the prototype and took it to the store to find the right-size envelopes. I found beautiful golden-orange envelopes for a great price. So far so good.

Then I began construction work. And just like my friendly parking lot construction crew across the street, it seems I made some adjustments to the design without assessing impact to overall project. Aside: parking lot guys didn’t level the lot properly and so now lakes form when it rains. End aside.

Being the effective multi-tasker, I addressed and affixed stamps to the envelopes during a conference call. The cards themselves came together speedy quick (after Kristy told me how to get metallic ink to dry faster) and, by Thursday evening, I was ready to insert cards in envelopes and be done. That’s when I realized … I had adjusted the design during construction and now cards were 1/4″ longer than the envelopes. The card design — as you can see from above photo — didn’t allow for a trim. Sigh.

Back to the store for envelopes … only plain white fit the card. Dull but oh well. Address another set. Affix more stamps. Make note to self to measure twice next time.

Oh, and if you get an empty golden-orange envelope from me, you’ll know why!


One Response to “Measure twice, cut once”

  1. sagecohen Says:

    I got mine! I got mine! And now I love it even more, knowing how much schlepping and reconfiguring was involved!

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