Shopping at home

Frequent furniture re-arrangers know that getting a new look doesn’t have to mean spending money. With a little imagination and a bit of elbow grease, you can shop at home with great results. Case in point: last week, I decided my office needed a redo. Now, it’s a small room and the placement of my big desk and credenza are in the only places they can go (sigh). But I decided the room could use another chair and that it was time that K’s little table to live in a new location (it wasn’t being used where it was).

So I moved out her table and little chairs speedy quick. They landed in the hall to await the perfect placement. That made room for me to move a little table near the door. Add little light from Ikea, which brings out the pink in the picture K painted for me when she was 3, and wire basket of notebooks, and voila! A new entry look.


Then it was upstairs for more shopping. I moved the slipper chair from my bedroom to the office, and paired it with a blue table that has my collection of Ks plus other inspiring bits.


The lamp has since moved upstairs because it was just too big. A smaller lamp from upstairs came down.

But! I still wanted a chair in my bedroom. I had one in the family room but it wouldn’t fit through the door. So I thought, I wonder if I can take the door off myself? And I did (don’t worry Dad, I was careful)! Chair fit just perfectly and looks grand in the bedroom. Got the door back on too!

Now I’m on a tear to edit out anything that we aren’t using … clothes, toys, etc. The donation pile is growing by the minute. Next up: a bookcase finds a new location and plans for holiday decorating get underway.


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